Sandwiched between a stressful interview day and a work day is another frickin’ storm and so I have declared a pajama day. See?

It is 2:30 pm and I have not showered or dressed. Chris has crumbled and is currently in the shower. I did manage to convince him that going to the gym in this snow was ill advised. Lest you are jealous I will say that you probably have more disposable income than me and perhaps even a vehicle and you might even live in a more temperate climate. But still, life is a pretty sweet fruit.

Dry those tears on this tip courtesy of Chris: parchment paper makes a great skirt pattern draft paper:

This skirt is actually all finished but I won’t even sacrifice my pj pants to try it on for you.

[Insert segue here] I’m a huge fan of the Ravelry friend’s activity section. It’s handy for witnessing trends sweeping the knitting world.

Dems some hot mittens.

And most importantly:  happy fifteenth birthday to my little sister Diane!

If I know her and the work ethic of my former high school like I think I do she’s also probably nesteled at home in her pjs today.