Chris is gone to Southern Ontario for four days to visit family. I used to panic when he went away and beg my single girlfriends to come for a sleepover because I was a scardy cat who watched too many horror movies at a too young age. But now that I’m older and wiser and now that Chris and I spend pretty much every waking minute together, I kind of enjoy having the place to myself. He knows this, I don’t think it bothers him.

I plan on spending my weekend finally working on updating my shop. I have some awesome vintage beads waiting to be turned into stitch makers and earrings and I have lots of great fabric to make some of these babies:


Chris made this two Christmases ago for me when I was working on my Marseilles Pullover. He felt sorry for me for constantly ripping the cushions off of the couch looking for my cable needle so he made this over arm notion caddy. I use it daily. I think every knitter should have one so I’m going to try to make a few STAT.

Unfortunately I will also have to deal with this:


That would be a scary looking hole at the base of the v-neck of my Deep V Argyle Vest. I suspect the live stitches somehow unravelled from where I tacked them down after overlapping the neck ribbing. Any suggestions on the best way to attack it?