Chris came home and brought his sister with him. Meaghan’s been in Korea for a year and a half so it was nice to see her again. I made her a cake.

But I obviously forgot to take pictures before the gel pens ran like crazy and we attacked it. It was very tasty. It’s the chocolate cake and buttercream recipes from the good old Betty Crocker cookbook.

Chris’s Nana also sent two huge bags of knitting materials with him. The pamphlets and magazine are from the forties to the nineties. This is just a small selection of the loot.



She also included two videos of Elizabeth Zimmerman and Meg Swanson on PBS. Too bad we just got rid of our VCR.

You may have zeroed in on this:

For the funky armed robber in your life.

I would seriously consider making this:

Love it!

There’s also plenty of baby patterns. Eternally cute. I’m a lucky girl. Thanks Mary-el!

As if I wasn’t lucky enough I also got another package from Erin yesterday. This was an Easter special. Love the Echino fabric:

And I adore these salt and pepper shakers:


Lucky girl indeed.

I’m off to eat leftover fried rice for lunch. This recipe is awesome. Do try.