Yesterday I sat at my sewing machine from around five until midnight with just a brief break for fondue:

It was yummy. Chris was very excited because beer+cheese+mustard=awesome in his book.

After that marathon sewing session I ended up with a sore back and another Asian Dream skirt.

I love this pattern. It’s relatively easy with fancy looking results. This is some strange wool fabric from Fabricland – perhaps boiled – that strongly resembles felt and coated my entire apartment in black fuzz and turned my fingernails blackish blue. I have a great black grosgrain type ribbon with white stitching that I would have preferred to use but Michelle bought it at Hallmark so I quickly discovered that it was not appropriate for apparel. The great thing is the ribbon would be fairly easy to change up if I find one I like better. This is some twill tape I purchased from Ribbons Galore when I was shopping around for trim for the damned Phildar Swing Jacket that I’ve never worn.

It’s a bit big but it’s not falling down so I think I’ll wait until next winter to do any adjustments.

Does anyone have any recommendations for great winter skirt patterns?