Perhaps I am high on iron fumes but I don’t know if I’ve ever been more pleased with something I’ve made.

Pattern: Simplicity 4077 – version E with no ruffle

Fabric: Poly/Cotton from Fabricville in Gatineau

As I mentioned before I was completely taken with Pamela Wynn’s many versions of this blouse and went straight out to buy the pattern after I saw her latest creation.

This seemed to come together so quickly.  I can’t wait to make many, many more with all the fabric I’ve been accruing.

I love this fabric and I was so pleased to find that it’s not as sheer as I thought.  It would suck to have such a breezy blouse to wear in the summer and then have to wear a camisole.  However, I would not recommend using such a lightweight fabric if you’re not totally confident in your sewing skills. Every time I had to  rip stitches, which was unfortunately often, I ended up with holes.  I like to think of them as vents