Some of the vintage bead stitch markers I mentioned a few weeks ago are finally up in my shop.

I’ve had the cute owl beads for a little while but they didn’t look finished without the accent beads so I had to wait for those to come in. With them came some proper jewelry making tools. I’ve been making stitch markers for almost a year and the whole time I’ve been using Chris’s Buck knife and totally shredding my already wussy nails. I’ll have some more markers up once I get some more supplies in.

Easter dinner turned out great. I was especially proud of how fancy the challah looked.

Everything was really tasty. Chris made the potatoes and despite some exploding in the oven drama they were cheesy and delicious.

I am finally on the colourwork portion of Enid. I had hoped to have it finished today but I very much doubt that will happen. Soon, though, very soon.

And just for fun here are some creepy socks Meaghan brought me back from Korea: