I was wracking my brain for a title for this post that would be a little more exciting than “Simplicity 3750” but I was stumped and I’m eager to show my blouse so I went with the song on the radio. So, thank you, Human League. I think it could be argued that this has an element of romance:
Pattern: Simplicity 3750
Fabric: lightweight cotton from Fabricland in Orleans. Contrasting polyester tie from remnants bin in Fabricland on Ogilvie.
Last Spring I was teaching junior kindergarten and grade three full time and being a public school in Ontario the school was not air conditioned and it was very hot. I bought a bunch of summer blouses at the mall, including one that looked very similar to this one at RW & Co. I was completely in love with that blouse (and still am) so I freaked when I saw this pattern.
My favourite part is the sleeves with my first cloth covered buttons:
Although I apparently cut out one of the sleeves improperly and didn’t notice until the entire thing was finished and I had one button facing back and one facing front. “Tra la la” and “fiddle dee dee” I said as I merrily took my seam ripper to the sleeve (although Chris may argue that I chose different language). I may have also flown into a mild rage when attempting to make and apply bias tape for the first time.
I’m super duper happy with this!
Another amusing anecdote: I learned to sew for reals when I was around eleven and my mom enrolled me in a Kids Can Sew class. We started with simple projects like a draw string shoe bag and worked our way up to a final garment: culottes and a peasant blouse not entirely unlike the one you see here, but for one major difference: back in 1991 I chose a motif of pigs skateboarding in neon sportswear on a black background for both pieces. It was a bold choice.