When Fabricland was having it’s fifty percent off sale I picked up some lovely drapery weight fabric for Erin and I.  I grew to love it so much that I went back and bought another metre.  Then I had an idea: if I made a floor pillow, Chris and I could eat dinner around our ottoman and then I could convert our dining room table into a sewing area.  Mwahahahaha.

I followed the pattern in In Stitches.  It also fits perfectly on our cheap and previously kind of uncomfortable Ikea chair.

I still had lots of fabric left so I decided a coordinating throw pillow for the couch was needed

I had still more fabric so a plan was hatched to cover some of those frames I took down from our bedroom wall.  First I cut out the fabric so it was just a bit bigger than the frames and then I did some fanciful machine stitching.

I borrowed one of Michelle and Alex’s five (?!?) staple guns and stapled away.

And hung them with care (I even used a tape measure – says Chris: “that’s hot”).

All three of these projects took less than three hours, I’d say, but the results are more impressive than the effort!