My waving lace socks are done already and impossible to photograph properly.

But you know what’s fun about these?

a) They only took a week and the pattern was super fun

b) They look great inside out.

c) They look totally different off and on.

Pattern: Waving Lace Socks by Evelyn A. Clark from Interweave Favorite Socks

Yarn: Wollmeise 80 /20 Twin in Poison No. 5

I have no idea what to start next. I really want to start in on my new STR.

But none of the patterns in my queue really jive with STR. It always seems to look best in Monkeys or Jaywalker but I want to get more use out of all my sock books.

Yes, I am weak and bought more yarn. But this will be the last purchase for a long while because we got word this morning that Chris will be going far away for six months unpaid career training on May 11th. This is bittersweet because it’s the final step in a career path that has been seven years in planning but it’s tough because he’s our primary breadwinner right now, he’ll be away for our fifth anniversary as well as both of our birthdays and, of course, I will miss him like crazy. I am accepting donations of sympathy, yarn, lodging and big congrats to Chris.