Number of days until Chris leaves for half a year: 9

Degree of energy I’m redirecting from my anxiety about him leaving to knitting: full throttle!

This is about two days worth of knitting Rusted Root:

I’m super pleased about the square neckline that is much more flattering on full busted gals than the original high neckline (although I’m not quite as busty as the maternity-type t-shirt I’m wearing above may suggest). For this I only have Goodkarma to thank. I knew I didn’t want to knit the original version but the thought of trying to figure out modifications in my current state of mind was just too daunting. I even offered to sell my yarn to Nat. Ravelry to the rescue! Goodkarma’s brilliant solution was to knit the back and sleeves flat until you had the neck depth you desired and then to cast on the front stitches. Easy!

My solution to the oddball skein of Cotton Fleece was lazy; knit the medium size which only calls for three skeins. I’m actually really happy I went this route because my Wicked is a bit big and cotton stretches.

I’m kicking off the weekend in a few minutes with lunch with friends in honour of Chris at Sweetgrass, followed by the big going away party hosted by my mum tomorrow evening. I’m also looking forward to brunch on Sunday with Ingrid, who in a bizarre coincidence is on the same flight back to Halifax as Braden. Zany!