And she’s not quite sure how to use them.

I was most looking forward to receiving the Japanese patterned pair but now that they’re here I actually prefer the gold ones.  They’re more comfortable and the green on the second pair is more green that they appeared online.  I like them both a whole lot though and I can’t wait to wear them to work.

I don’t think I would normally wear these with nylons (it’s not advisable with open toed shoes – right?) but I had to give props to these new ones I bought to wear at Chris’s party (thanks to everyone who came and helped out – we really, really appreciated it).   They’re Filodoro Classic, they’re made in Italy and I got them at Fancy Socks.  I’m now convinced that legwear is one of those things where price equals quality.  These fit really well, they feel great and I’ve worn them twice and they are still without holes or runs which is more than I can say for regular department store nylons.