Usually when Chris goes away on business or what have you I end up eating microwave popcorn or cereal for dinner.  While that may be o.k. for a weekend, six months of eating like that would probably have me dying of scurvy.  So, I’ve made a concerted effort to cook real meals for myself and so far I’ve been successful – except for generating an obscene amount of leftovers.

Last night I decided to try to make some of my favourite Japanese foods.  I haven’t been overly successful with Japanese cooking at home because some of the ingredients are hard to find and they never quite measure up to the meals I enjoyed at my favourite restaurants in Obihiro.  On Monday, Michelle and I shopped at a new to me Asian market and I found Inari no Zushi wrappers and I do believe I squealed.  I know it makes me hopelessly unhip but I’m not a huge sushi fan.  But I could eat Inarizushi all the livelong day.  It was not nearly as hard to make as I expected.

I also made miso soup, again something I haven’t had much luck with at home.  This time it was great.  And with like 35 calories and packed with nutrients how can you go wrong.

So, without further adieu, my fancy pants meal for one:

I even made sencha!

I’m also super proud of myself for doing really well with kicking the sugar (full disclosure: there was a small amount of Turbinado sugar in the sushi rice but it made so much rice it was really very, very little) and I’ve also been eating really well in general.  I also tend to consume my weight in chocolate when Chris is gone so I’m really proud of myself.  Hopefully it will keep.