I spent much of last week lazing around but I seem to have gotten my productivity back. Today I almost finished a dress. I just have to sew the buttonholes and the buttons but I’m waiting to go to Michelle’s and use her machine which has that miracle invention, the automatic buttonholer.

As I was sewing I was thinking about how much I hate having to turn on one of our wall sconces in the middle of the day because the corner of our living room where my kitchen table is located is so far away from the window. And so a plan was hatched to move all of my furniture (via pushing and pulling because apparently I have no upper body strength or desire to remove things from bookshelves before moving them).

Of course I forgot to take a before pic but here’s an old one from when we first moved in:

Drum roll please………..

I still have to tidy a bit and my landlord will have to polish all my floors. It feels bigger and look how sunny my dining room table studio is! I haven’t checked yet to see if I totally screwed up my digital cable but let’s not kill my joy.


  • I love this article. Funny cause it’s true.
  • As of this Monday I’m going shampoo free. I’ve started using a baking soda water mixture and so far so good so cheap. For the various reasons many people are going this route see this post.
  • I am very close to winning some awesome apparel from Ebay. I don’t want to jinx it. I love how you can buy awesome stuff dirt cheap online. I may be addicted. Wish me luck.
  • In Treatment has got me completely hooked. I will warn you, the first two weeks are a bit of a slog but it’s all juicy from week three on.
  • I’m still doing really well with eating healthily. My jeans feel looser today but it could all be in my head.
  • This is no thanks to Second Cup whose Skinny Chai Latte not only tastes like crap but has 440 calories. For a Skinny!!! I’m sorry I ever strayed, Bridehead.
  • This combines so many of my favourite things.