I ran into a good friend from undergrad this weekend who lives in Toronto and I didn’t even know was in town. She’s a stylish girl and I was in love with her new hair cut. This is the fab Alana who would probably kill me for posting this if she knew I was doing so:

Her hair may be slightly different now. But so is mine! I’ve been growing it for a couple of years now but this afternoon it struck me that I was ready for a change.


*Slightly greasy from the no-shampoo adjustment.

And after:

I had in mind something slightly shorter but I was raised by wolves and have a really low hairline in the back so I would have had to get my neck shaved. It wouldn’t be a first but I wasn’t feeling it. I’m really super duper pleased though. Yay for new summer ‘dos!

Also, I made these absolutely sugar-of-any-kind free cookies last night and they’re really tasty if not super photogenic.

P.S. I wore my new gold shoes to work today and now I’m in need of a new set of feet. I think I swore in my head with every step walking home from the very far bus stop. yeeeeowwwwwwch!