First off, thanks so so much to everyone for the kind comments about my hair cut.  They really brightened my weekend! 

I tried to keep busy this weekend.   Saturday morning I hit the annual Great Glebe Garage Sale as early as I could muster.  It was a complete madhouse by eleven.  It took me a while to find anything worth purchasing but I really enjoyed strolling around and enjoying the (brief) return of beautiful weather.  About two hours in I had three very heavy bags of treasures.

I picked up the bracelets first and even haggled to get them both for three dollars instead of four.  I’ve been wanting some kitchen counter storage containers for a while.  I didn’t have wood in mind but these are still cute in the interim and at three bucks I can’t complain.  The two books were originally bought for kitsch value but upon flipping through them they are actually incredibly useful.  The McCall’s Sewing book has so much information about fit, fabric and tailoring I know I’ll get a lot of use out of it.  The Better Homes and Gardens Decorating book from 1960 has great pictures and many DIYideas about maximizing space and creating multiuse rooms, including a guest / sewing room.  These were three dollars combined.  The sweater is Pringle of Scotland and I shelled out eight dollars for it, thinking if I didn’t wear it I would recycle it for yarn.  When I got it home I realized it was riddled with holes.  I was not impressed.  The buttons were twenty-five cents each and I can’t wait to use them on a vintagy blouse.   I think my proudest score was the fifty cent drawer unit.  I believe it was intended for screws and nails and the like but I’ve had something exactly like this in mind for my sewing notions.  I even spiffed it up with some spray paint (which cost much more than the unit):

A great success!

Saturday afternoon I babysat the ever cute Sagan and in exchange for my services I borrowed Michelle’s Husqvarna Emerald to finally put some buttonholes on the dress I’ve been working on.

I bought three ribbons for this but couldn’t get any decent photos of me sporting the others.

Pattern: Vogue 8352 (more on that in a bit)

Fabric: lightweight embroidered cotton from Fabricland

Notions: cheapo buttons from Fabricland.  Ribbon also from Fabricland.

Modifications: (I’m learning!) I lenghtened the bodice and shortened the skirt by about an inch to suit my long torso and short legs.

I just realized that you can’t see the length in either of these pics.  Sigh.  It hits just below the knee. Bear with me, I’m still getting the hang of self portraiture.

I would not recommend this pattern.  I believe that there were actual errors in the skirt markings and the interfacing layout instructions.

Frustrations with the pattern aside, I’m pretty happy with it.  I was worried that it was a little Laura Ashley or Little House on the Prairie upon initial test tries but now I think it looks pretty decent.  It fits well except for the back shoulders being a little snug when I reach forward.  It’s also super comfy and I’m looking forward to wearing it on those unbearably hot July days.