Sagan at five months has a bit of an incontinence problem. To save her and her suffering parents the embarrassment of a public pants wetening I decided to make her some soakers. I figured they were about as large as an adult hat so it should take me a few hours to complete. I started on Friday with the intention of surprising Alex and Michelle with them when they picked the lady up from our weekly babysitting session on Saturday afternoon. Long story short, I almost broke my wrists trying to finish them in time.
Here they are from the back.

I was tempted to embroider “juicy” or “bootylicious” across the butt because we enjoy making fun of girls who feel the need to have slogans plastered across their asses but I feared no one else would think it was a joke.

And here they are in action with me trying to entertain Sagan and her trying to get as far away from me as possible.

I used leftover Ella Rae Classic and Cascade 220 from my Bird in Hand mittens and Road to Golden and this pattern.

More video and pictures on my Flickr page.

*Chris insisted on this title.