Crappy things:

  • I burned my arm pretty badly on the oven last week and it left a nasty red mark
  • the weather is cloudy and rainy and not at all helping to improve my mood
  • yesterday I started making a blouse out of my favourite stashed fabric (Birds on a Wire by Kim Schaefer for Andover fabrics) only to find that I did something wrong (I still don’t know what) and didn’t have enough fabric for the back piece:

Relatively pleasant things:

  • Down Shadow Lane had more of the fabric, which is a miracle since I bought it in March, so more is on its way
  • this evening Nat and I are going out to a free dinner and then to see the Sex and the City movie
  • I won awesome shoes for an awesome price on Ebay and they are here and they fit:

(Campers Twins which I don’t think are available anymore)

  • my ironing board isn’t ugly anymore:

(traced the ugly version with way too bright {seriously eye searing in real life} Denise Schmidt fabric from Ebay, added about 3 inches all around, folded edge under twice, sewed in drawstring, made two buttonholes to pull the drawstring through.)