Remember back in February when I went to Value Village with my mum and I found this beautiful fabric? I loved the fabric so much that I spent many many hours considering what to make of it. Which is kind of funny since it’s the cheapest fabric ever, but I knew if I screwed it up I wouldn’t be able to find more.

It was pretty sheer, almost gauzy. I was thinking a wrap skirt but I didn’t want it to look too beachy. I finally decided on a tiered skirt. Perhaps a little outmoded but I knew it would be pretty and comfortable and fun, so the decision was made.

Erin also requested pictures of my torture shoes with outfits so this is a twofer.

I love the colour so damned much.

I used the directions for the tiered skirt from Sew What? Skirts! but I made it much shorter instead of boho / hippy length. It’s supposed to be forty degrees with the humidex this weekend so I may just live in this for a few days.