First, a few bits and bobs once again:

  • I have signed up for Wardrobe Refashion.


I had been aiming to stay away from malls and make / mend my own clothes anyway so I’m very excited.

  • I have cancelled my cable.  I still have it for a few weeks and I’m already panicking a bit about losing The Movie Network and Mad Men on Bravo but I’m sure I’ll cope and maybe even lose some ass fat in the process.
  • I am suddenly obsessed with crossword puzzles.  I went from commiserating with my co-worker on Tuesday about how much we hated crossword puzzles and the people who do them to doing three a day; one in the Citizen, one in 24 Hours, and one on the Readers Digest website.  I formally apologize to crossword puzzles for hating them my whole life.  You are, in fact, awesome.
  • I have found a local organic CSA that I am super psyched about.  They let you choose which foods you never want to receive (down with turnips and mushrooms!) and which you wish to receive often (up with pineapple and asparagus!).  They also have an a la cart menu to order from.  And the delivery to your home is free.  I signed up within minutes of stumbling upon their site.
  • It looks like I will be starting a fun part time job soon.  More details to come as they are made available.
  • Some jerk caught me in an e-mail scam and busted into my ebay account.  All is well now but be smarter than me and avoid e-mails that look like they’re from ebay but aren’t.
  • I still have nothing crafty to show you so here is a meme in it’s place:

1) What was I doing 10 years ago?
Ten years ago I was seventeen and about to leave for Ireland for a one month stay.  I had gotten my first official job about seven months before at a chocolate factory which was totally not magical in any way and I saved every single penny so I could go on the trip.  It was a study abroad program in which I studied Anglo-Irish literature under one of my favourite high school teachers from home.  I didn’t have to take OAC (Ontario’s now defunct grade 13) English the following year as a result.

2) What are 5 things on my to-do list for today?
1. Make it through the last few hours of work.
2. Do laundry so I have clean underwear tomorrow.
3. Talk to Erin and arrange the details of her visit next week (yay!)
4. Possibly continue working on the McCalls blouse I started a while ago but ran out of fabric for as my fabric arrived yesterday.
5. Have my daily chat with Chris in which I mention every mundane thing I did today but forget to share important news.

3) Snacks I enjoy:
Way too many.  Banana yogurt, kettle corn (damn you Americans and your combining of the salty and the sweet), fresh pineapple, all manner of cookies, Kashi Ranch Crackers and swiss cheese.

4) Things I would do if I were a billionaire:
Pay for my brother and sister’s post-secondary education.  Pay for my post-secondary education after the fact (and Chris’s).  Travel all over Europe for years on end soaking in pretty much every city in every country they’ve got to offer.  Live in New York for as long as I wanted; shopping in the garment district every single day.  Quit my jobs.  Open a yarn store that I would only work in when I really felt like it.  Buy a sunny older home by the ocean somewhere and install the greatest craft studio ever.  Hire David Bowie to play my living room every night.  Stalk Jake Gyllenhaal.

5) Places I have lived:
Main-a-Dieu Cape Breton, Gander Newfoundland, San Diego California, Kingston Ontario, Ottawa Ontario, Obihiro Japan.

6) Jobs I have had:
babysitter, chocolate factory worker, Eatons shoe department sales associate, Sears sales associate in the Traditions (=old lady cat sweater) department (so not fun), bridal store clerk (also not fun), receptionist, supply teacher, long term occasional teacher, ESL teacher, tutor,  temp worker, employment counsellor.  Of all these jobs supply teacher is hands down the worst.   I am happy to announce, though,  that I have unofficially quit.  I haven’t taught a day since a hellish afternoon spent in a class of third grade a-holes back in January.  I did not ask that my name be included on the ’08-’09 supply list.  I am happier than you could know about my decision.

7) Bloggers I am tagging who I will enjoy getting to know better:
Um…I know it’s become tradition to duck out of this requirement so I will just say if you’ve been working lots and obligated to attend family functions ad nauseam and, like me, don’t have anything to show for it feel free to go to town.