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When I first heard of the concept of making a muslin I think I snorted a wee bit.  I mean, I’m impatient enough with sewing but to sew something twice!  Come on!

But then I fell in love with some $55 a metre pinstriped wool at Darrell Thomas and I knew I wanted it and that once I owned it I did not want to ruin it with my slapdash sewing approach.  I’m working my way up to that wool but I’m still transitioning into using higher quality (read: pricey) fabric that would break my heart to eff up.  So, the last time I was at DT I treated myself to some $44 a metre mauve linen with my birthday money and some $6 a metre muslin.  Muslins don’t need to be made of actual muslin and in this case it definitely would have been cheaper to buy some crap fabric at Fabricland but DT is much closer and I love the smell of muslin.  It reminds me of my aunt Elaine’s house or Upper Canada Village or something.

Anyway, I want to make this dress with the linen.

And I don’t want to screw it up so I made a muslin, which is screwed up.

Just look at that boob gaping and that baggy fit.  But it’s a-o.k. because it’s only a muslin and totally ruinable.  Plus muslins are kind of fun because you don’t have to sew the buttons on or do the hems or anything.  I’m a convert.

Here’s a helpful video about muslin making if you’re still not sold.


Chris was a little overzealous in his gift buying this year.   Not that I’m complaining.

He got me the Fluevog’s I’ve been coveting since I bought my first pair in April of last year.  I was too lazy to get my camera out so I took these with my iPhone, hence the quality.

They are so comfy and cute.

In continuation of the shoe theme he also got me the complete Sex and the City.

We watched the entire series together in Japan so rewatching it is giving me the warm and fuzzies. Thanks baby!

At the shop I got the three dollar fabric from in Regina I also picked up a sake bottle and some nesting mugs for five dollars.

I plan on using the sake bottle as a bud vase.

Work is over, I’m going to watch Knitting Daily tv this afternoon and then Nat and I are going fabric shopping and out to dinner.  Vive le weekend!!!

First off, thanks to everyone for the sweet birthday wishes!

I had an awesome weekend filled with ice cream and laughs and rainbows (literally!). There’s way too much to cover in one post so I’ll start off with the delightful undoing of all my stash dwindling efforts.

Before I even left I received an order I had placed from BMFA with the proceeds from my destash a few weeks back.

Here we have STR Lightweight in Eggplanted and Lover’s Leap. I ordered three skeins of the Lover’s Leap for the Arctic Lace Diamonds Stole. If the colour appears faded that’s because it is. My camera hates reds and pinks. It’s a bright fuchsia, quite similar to these flowers I photographed in Cathedral Village, the best neighbourhood in Regina.

On Thursday evening my friends and I went out for early birthday vegetarian Thai. Nat gave me Heartfelt – The Dark House Collection which I didn’t realize I desperately needed until she gave it to me. I’m itching to make Faith and Amory.

Michelle took a little trip to our favourite haunt Darrell Thomas and got me some fun fabric.

I think it wants to become a skirt.

I had Friday afternoon to kill before Chris was done class so I set out for Golden Willow Fibres. I probably should have bought some of their Saskatchewan alpaca but instead I treated myself to my first ever cashmere.

Handmaiden Swiss Mountain Silk and Cashmere. Only one skein because I am not independently wealthy. Not sure what I’ll do with it yet.

And I got some pretty pretty Manos which also has no planned future.

I had planned on fabric shopping also but the kind cabby whom I asked to bring me to a specific local fabric shop dropped me off at Fabricland instead. Not cool. We did go to an awesome vintage store on Saturday, again in the Cathedral Village and I found some cute cotton.

I haven’t measure it yet. I think it would make a kitschy apron.

Fun surprises are always a wonderful addition to a birthday weekend and I was completely delighted to learn that I won some STR from the lovely Tiennie. Yay!

I can’t wait to show you my non-knitting and sewing related gifts but I took the red eye last night and my brain is just about fried right now. Soon, my dears.

It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you’re avoiding doing actual work.  Yesterday I made delicious and filling crepes for breakfast.

I used PC wild organic blue berries, organic strawberries from my basket and cream cheese instead of Ricotta because that’s what I had.  Soooooo good.

Then I gathered my courage and attacked Simplicity 4072 for a third time.

Note to self: stop eating crepes; your face is getting fat.

You can see another pic and read more about my simple fixes on my Wardrobe Refashion post.  I’m way happier about it now.  I even got a few compliments on it at work today and no one knew I had made it.

I made it through the week! Yay! In celebration I cleaned the apartment and finally tackled some mending and remaking. I ended up with a kind of big skirt.

You can read more about what I refashioned this from on the Wardrobe Refashion blog.

Also, I was in a crappy paper today for a stupid reason. I beseech you to not think I’m a super lame person who was desperate for an iPhone. The truth of the matter was that my cell phone contract was finally up yesterday, I have a Mac at home, Rogers has better coverage than Telus so I got an iPhone out of sheer luck. The reporter really was looking for a desperation angle unfortunately, hence the condensing our entire interview into two statements that make Chris look like a tyrannical techno geek. Oh well.

Less that one week until I visit Chris and one week plus one day until my birthday!!!!!!!

First off, I apologize for not replying to all your sympathetic, funny responses to my Malabrigo heartbreak incident post. I started both of my teaching jobs yesterday so I’ve been spending my days (and some evenings) teaching, my evenings planning and my nights dreaming about teaching.

The school I’m teaching at during the day was chosen because it is air conditioned but the air conditioning is broken. It’s been 42 degrees lately with the humidex and the windows in my classroom, which is on the second floor, don’t open. I’m usually on the cold side but I have been tempted to burn my clothing when I get home because they’re so soaked and sweat stained. When I get home I have not been working on my Gentle(wo)man’s Fancy Socks in Lozenge pattern

Wollmeise in Rosenrot

preferring instead to watch Mad Men and eat litres of PC Coconut Cream Pie Ice Cream.

I did muster up the courage and energy to try winding the bastardized Malabrigo. My winder didn’t like it very much but it worked!

I think the big splotches of purple and the feltiness of it won’t make for a nice sweater but perhaps I’ll use it for hats or stockings at Christmas.

And because I’m in teaching mode, here’s a fun fact for you: Rainbow Chard is both delicious and beautiful:

I would seriously bring the stalks into Home Depot for paint colour matching.

It seems to me that too many of you out there are buying high quality yarn and making beautiful things with it. Furthermore, I open Interweave Knits or browse Ravelry and all I read are tips on how to make pretty things. But what is there for those of you who have money to burn and would like to destroy imported kettle dyed yarn?

  1. Have your lovely husband give you a $50 gift certificate to The Sweet Sheep for your anniversary.
  2. Spend just over $80 on Malabrigo kettle dyed yarn.
  3. When it arrives find it is a touch on the orange side for your liking.
  4. DO NOT exchange it for a more satisfactory yarn as that would involve waiting.
  5. Buy a packet of strawberry and one packet of grape Kool Aid at the grocery store and try your hand at dying a tiny amount of yarn.
  6. Be dissatisfied with the results and return to the store to buy seventeen packets of Grape Fantasy.
  7. Dump all of the Kool Aid into a large pot and add water only to find that you have a disgusting rust coloured liquid.
  8. Go to LYS to buy real, expert acid dye only to find they don’t have the colour you wanted.
  9. Return to grocery store and buy more of the powder that has now given you pink snot; eleven packets of strawberry and one grape.
  10. Dye up your yarn at one a.m. on a Friday night even though you are exhausted from the amazing Feist concert because waiting is for chumps.
  11. Awake to find that yarn is now even brighter than before.
  12. Return to grocery store and buy eight packets of fruit punch because you think blue would balance out the bright red and the package is blue so the powder must be blue.
  13. Find that powder is, in fact, red.
  14. Do not wait for LYS to open on Monday so you can buy real, quality acid dye, instead return to grocery store to buy ten packets of grape and have little children follow you home because you must be an awesome mom who feeds her kids nothing but high fructose corn syrup.
  15. Over-over-dye yarn once again and stir lots this time so colour is distributed evenly.
  16. Remove lid after setting for an hour to find an ugly felted mess.
  17. Cry to sympathetic husband on phone.
  18. Post blog entry.
  19. Congratulate self for being impatient loser who wasted a perfectly fine gift.
  20. Research hair falls so that ugly felted crap can be put to use.

I felt like these were very slow going even though they only took a little over a month.

The pattern was fine I just think ’tis the season to let my knitting lag.

They were pretty impossible to photograph.  How do you photograph your socks?  The only limited success I seem to have is in propping my feet up on my ottoman (after clearing all the clutter and thread and dirt) and trying not to shake as I try to tell my abs to sit straight as I snap a pic.  Maybe I should just do some crunches.

Pattern: Child’s First Sock in Shell Pattern from Knitting Vintage Socks

Yarn: Dream in Colour Smooshy in Ruby River

Needles: 2.5 mm Pony Pearl dpns

I’m really enjoying receiving the organic CSA too.  This was last week’s basket.

I just have to get better with eating all this fresh goodness instead of ordering pizza or eating chips for dinner.

I’m starting to think ahead to our big move this fall and I think it’s wise to destash some yarn. I still love most of the yarn I’m offering up but I don’t have any projects earmarked for it so I think it needs to go to a more productive home. Click on the image below for more info: