First off, I apologize for not replying to all your sympathetic, funny responses to my Malabrigo heartbreak incident post. I started both of my teaching jobs yesterday so I’ve been spending my days (and some evenings) teaching, my evenings planning and my nights dreaming about teaching.

The school I’m teaching at during the day was chosen because it is air conditioned but the air conditioning is broken. It’s been 42 degrees lately with the humidex and the windows in my classroom, which is on the second floor, don’t open. I’m usually on the cold side but I have been tempted to burn my clothing when I get home because they’re so soaked and sweat stained. When I get home I have not been working on my Gentle(wo)man’s Fancy Socks in Lozenge pattern

Wollmeise in Rosenrot

preferring instead to watch Mad Men and eat litres of PC Coconut Cream Pie Ice Cream.

I did muster up the courage and energy to try winding the bastardized Malabrigo. My winder didn’t like it very much but it worked!

I think the big splotches of purple and the feltiness of it won’t make for a nice sweater but perhaps I’ll use it for hats or stockings at Christmas.

And because I’m in teaching mode, here’s a fun fact for you: Rainbow Chard is both delicious and beautiful:

I would seriously bring the stalks into Home Depot for paint colour matching.