I made it through the week! Yay! In celebration I cleaned the apartment and finally tackled some mending and remaking. I ended up with a kind of big skirt.

You can read more about what I refashioned this from on the Wardrobe Refashion blog.

Also, I was in a crappy paper today for a stupid reason. I beseech you to not think I’m a super lame person who was desperate for an iPhone. The truth of the matter was that my cell phone contract was finally up yesterday, I have a Mac at home, Rogers has better coverage than Telus so I got an iPhone out of sheer luck. The reporter really was looking for a desperation angle unfortunately, hence the condensing our entire interview into two statements that make Chris look like a tyrannical techno geek. Oh well.

Less that one week until I visit Chris and one week plus one day until my birthday!!!!!!!