First off, thanks to everyone for the sweet birthday wishes!

I had an awesome weekend filled with ice cream and laughs and rainbows (literally!). There’s way too much to cover in one post so I’ll start off with the delightful undoing of all my stash dwindling efforts.

Before I even left I received an order I had placed from BMFA with the proceeds from my destash a few weeks back.

Here we have STR Lightweight in Eggplanted and Lover’s Leap. I ordered three skeins of the Lover’s Leap for the Arctic Lace Diamonds Stole. If the colour appears faded that’s because it is. My camera hates reds and pinks. It’s a bright fuchsia, quite similar to these flowers I photographed in Cathedral Village, the best neighbourhood in Regina.

On Thursday evening my friends and I went out for early birthday vegetarian Thai. Nat gave me Heartfelt – The Dark House Collection which I didn’t realize I desperately needed until she gave it to me. I’m itching to make Faith and Amory.

Michelle took a little trip to our favourite haunt Darrell Thomas and got me some fun fabric.

I think it wants to become a skirt.

I had Friday afternoon to kill before Chris was done class so I set out for Golden Willow Fibres. I probably should have bought some of their Saskatchewan alpaca but instead I treated myself to my first ever cashmere.

Handmaiden Swiss Mountain Silk and Cashmere. Only one skein because I am not independently wealthy. Not sure what I’ll do with it yet.

And I got some pretty pretty Manos which also has no planned future.

I had planned on fabric shopping also but the kind cabby whom I asked to bring me to a specific local fabric shop dropped me off at Fabricland instead. Not cool. We did go to an awesome vintage store on Saturday, again in the Cathedral Village and I found some cute cotton.

I haven’t measure it yet. I think it would make a kitschy apron.

Fun surprises are always a wonderful addition to a birthday weekend and I was completely delighted to learn that I won some STR from the lovely Tiennie. Yay!

I can’t wait to show you my non-knitting and sewing related gifts but I took the red eye last night and my brain is just about fried right now. Soon, my dears.