Chris was a little overzealous in his gift buying this year.   Not that I’m complaining.

He got me the Fluevog’s I’ve been coveting since I bought my first pair in April of last year.  I was too lazy to get my camera out so I took these with my iPhone, hence the quality.

They are so comfy and cute.

In continuation of the shoe theme he also got me the complete Sex and the City.

We watched the entire series together in Japan so rewatching it is giving me the warm and fuzzies. Thanks baby!

At the shop I got the three dollar fabric from in Regina I also picked up a sake bottle and some nesting mugs for five dollars.

I plan on using the sake bottle as a bud vase.

Work is over, I’m going to watch Knitting Daily tv this afternoon and then Nat and I are going fabric shopping and out to dinner.  Vive le weekend!!!