When I first heard of the concept of making a muslin I think I snorted a wee bit.  I mean, I’m impatient enough with sewing but to sew something twice!  Come on!

But then I fell in love with some $55 a metre pinstriped wool at Darrell Thomas and I knew I wanted it and that once I owned it I did not want to ruin it with my slapdash sewing approach.  I’m working my way up to that wool but I’m still transitioning into using higher quality (read: pricey) fabric that would break my heart to eff up.  So, the last time I was at DT I treated myself to some $44 a metre mauve linen with my birthday money and some $6 a metre muslin.  Muslins don’t need to be made of actual muslin and in this case it definitely would have been cheaper to buy some crap fabric at Fabricland but DT is much closer and I love the smell of muslin.  It reminds me of my aunt Elaine’s house or Upper Canada Village or something.

Anyway, I want to make this dress with the linen.

And I don’t want to screw it up so I made a muslin, which is screwed up.

Just look at that boob gaping and that baggy fit.  But it’s a-o.k. because it’s only a muslin and totally ruinable.  Plus muslins are kind of fun because you don’t have to sew the buttons on or do the hems or anything.  I’m a convert.

Here’s a helpful video about muslin making if you’re still not sold.