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Drum roll please………………………………….

Two months from today we are moving to:

We’re pretty disappointed as it was our dead last choice but it’s out of our hands.  We’ll find out next week where exactly we’ll be.   *please not Churchill, please not Churchill*

I’ll have some finished projects to show you next week but in the meantime here’s a half assed book review:

This week I checked The Body Shape Bible out of the library.  I don’t typically watch all those wear what we tell you to shows because I feel physical embarrasment for the middle aged women getting their boobs fondled in the middle of Marks and Spencer.  But, I thought I could handle a little direction in picking out patterns so I gave Trinny and Suzanna’s newest book a go.

With an excessive use of the term “tits” the book describes a dozen or so bodyshapes and gives wardrobe do’s and don’ts for that particular figure.  I fell into the hourglass category and I found that I was doing better than expected at dressing myself. Here’s what I should be wearing.

I always go for V-necks and puffed sleeves, I’ve been wearing more and more skirts and dresses and those shoes are pretty similar to the ones I got from Zappos a few months back.  There were also some revelations, such as the fact that I should be wearing very fitted pencil skirts rather than flared A-line or fuller designs.  Now the only question is where do I get the patterns for the skirt and dress pictured above?

The most surprising section of the book was the last one.  It is entirely devoted to remaking existing clothing in your closet.  It starts out with an intro discouraging people from heading to the mall and shows some vintage and outmoded pieces updated.

So timely and handy for my refashioning pledge!

P.S. Fluevog is having another great sale and I received these last week.  They’re a great price but be aware that they are a full size smaller than marked.


This is one of the many, many projects that made me think I really hate sewing.

First, I ran out of fabric and then once again I had to rip it out and put it together three times.  Initially it was fitted in the waist and huge up top, second time was much the same story with the addition of two slashes in the sleeve from my messy trimming and this is the third go round.  Meh.

I love the fabric although it obscures the details in photos and I also love the glass buttons.

At some point Ill stop apologize for my blurry pictures and realise I have mild Parkinsons

At some point I'll stop apologize for my blurry pictures and admit I have mild Parkinson's

I’m not one of the many bemoaning the start of fall.  Since I moved away from the ocean at the age of six summer has had no meaning to me anyway.  Fall is my favourite season; a season in which it does not seem wasteful to do my favourite things, things which this blog is all about.

For example, on this cool day I’ve been making miles of bias binding for this dress.

Working on my Arctic Diamonds Stole, which the pattern tells me is over half way done, but which my eyes tell me is far from long enough.

I really, really need to stop knitting red things because photographing them is driving me up the wall

I really, really need to stop knitting red things because photographing them is driving me up the wall

And baking Apple Cake.

because the only apple worth eating raw is Granny Smith

because the only kind of apple worth eating raw is Granny Smith

I am totally, totally in love with this cake.  I adapted a Betty Crocker recipe someone gave me at work years and years ago to be a little healthier because the original had a shocking 938 calories and 40 grams of fat per serving.

Amy’s Amiable Apple Cake.


2 eggs

1 1/4 cup sugar

1/2 cup apple sauce

3/4 cup vegetable oil

3/4 cup orange juice

1 tsp. vanilla extract

3 cups flour

2 tbsp. baking powder

2 apples

2 tbsp. sugar

2 tsp. cinnamon

1 tsp nutmeg

Stir all batter ingredients together and set aside.  Peel apples and slice them very thin.  Toss apples with sugar and spices. Spray a bundt pan with olive oil and pour in alternate layers of batter and apples.  Bake at 350 degrees for 1 hour and 15 minutes.

I just got a silicone bundt pan and we never had one growing up so this is my first ever bundt cake!  I think it will help to make the portions smaller which is great calorie wise but I’ll have to freeze a lot of it.  I sprinkled it with powdered sugar because my oven burns everything on the outside but this is optional.  I really can’t stress enough how delicious this is an how you must make it.

I sat down to update thinking “I’ve been so busy! This post will be mega-long and picture-packed!” Alas, I opened iPhoto to find not a whole lot. The truth is, most of my busyness stems from non-crafty, non-fun marking and work foolishness and any crafting I have squeezed in has been of the top secret nature.

I can tell you that I’ve collaborated with Robyn on her next round of sock club with a pattern contribution. To be honest, I forget which kit it will be included in but I’m sure Robyn will be along soon in the comments to direct you there.

I was also approached by a fabulous hand-dyer to contribute stitch markers to her nifty sock club. I don’t want to ruin the surprise for subscribers (unless she says I can) but here’s a sneak peek at my work space before shipping.

I also had a short but sweet visit with Erin’s sister Alison today and of course Chris was here last weekend. It was much too short but we tried to spend the time we did have well. Chris had never visited the Bytowne Museum so we spent Sunday afternoon there. It was not as cool as I remember it but any disappointment was forgotten when I we came across a display of children’s costumes in a play area.

I was laughing so hard I couldn’t hold my iPhone still.

Love is...

Love is...

Of course l miss him terribly now but we’re nearing the sight of the finish line so we’re buoyed by that thought. Next week we find out where we’ll be posted at the end of October. Everyone chant with me: BC, BC, BC!!!

It has been either raining or threatening to rain for an entire month.  Anyone in this region knows how depressingly serious I am.  My family left for “home”, Cape Breton, on Friday but I already feel like I’m there.  This type of inclimate weather lends itself to two things: crappy pictures and indoor merrymaking.  I am further propelled to solitary pursuits by everyone I know visiting family, vacationing and attending weekly weddings.  In addition, summer school ended last week.  I could be using all this free, alone time to beef up my performance at my other two jobs but I’ve been playing cast on and catch up instead.

I started the Arctic Diamonds Stole from Interweave Winter 2006.

Apparently I'm obsessed with knitting with impossible to photograph colours.

This is my fourth major project from that most glorious issue for anyone keeping track.

I made Parihka’s Banana Blueberry (non)Vegan Bread.

And I undertook the momentous task of correcting everything I hate about my Seaton.  I’ve only worn poor Seaton once or twice because it was too short and completely unflattering in general. I already reknit the button bands once but it wasn’t enough. I ripped back to the beginning or the armhole shaping and fashioned a v-neck and ripped out the bottom ribbing and added two more stripes.

It remains to be seen how it will all come together because I ran out of yarn for the button band.  I’m trying to beg some from Ravelry.  If that doesn’t work I’ll call up Wool ‘n Things and see if she’s got a ball kicking around.

I did venture out into a literal downpour last week to attend a work dinner where I wore my Swan Lake Stole with yet another birthday gift from Chris, a shawl / hair pin from the amazing Ceeb Wasserman.

So purty.

Chris also turned 28 on Thursday and he deserves so much more than a footnote to a scattered post but I’ll make it up to him this weekend when he visits home!

Apparently third time’s a charm when it comes to me and dressmaking.

So, to recap: I took some birthday cash and bought some pretty linen at Darrell Thomas with no project in mind. I quickly settled on this gorgeous thing from the June Burda World of Fashion only to realize that it was a petite dress.

I didn’t think I was in the mood to do all that resizing (foreshadowing!). So I chose this dress instead, which was also linen and not petite.

It was still a European’s idea of what a normal size is, however, so when I traced the pattern from the oh-so-crazy pattern sheet I tried my hand at a full bust adjustment and adding some width to the waist.

Natacha was brighter than me and predicted by the look of my muslin that it was too big but I ignored her and soldiered on. I ended up with a bust that I could raise hatchlings in and a twenty-six inch neck. Here’s a fun activity: string a tape measure around your neck and see what twenty-six inches would look like if it were a collar. Comical, no?

I decided the solution was to make a sort of half-assed V-neck but, the bodice still sagged off of me.

Of course I have no photographic evidence of either incarnation because both times I immediately ripped the dress off me and threw it into the corner.

It haunted me all long weekend. Yesterday evening it occurred to me that perhaps if I just folded the button band under one more time, it might fit. Low and behold, folding plus putting a little pleat at the back neck and voila.

Can you tell from my expression that it was a very long day?

Can you tell from my expression that it was a very long day?

A wearable dress!

I say “wearable” and not “perfect” because I’m not crazed about the bodice. I find it a touch matronly. But overall I’m happy with it.

Fun fact! I ironed this less that five minutes before taking photos. Linen sucks.

I swear my mom had this exact dress in the eighties, colour and all, except it was cotton and had pockets. Mom? Back me up here?

Anyone have the secret to photographing red?  I just spent way too long trying to make my socks look like they weren’t on fire.

This is the best I could do, but you can’t see the pink in the yarn.

Here’s a bit of the pink but none of the pattern.

Here’s the lozenge pattern but the colour is way off.  Sigh.

Part of the reason the pattern is so obscured when I’m wearing the socks is these things are tight.  I cast on 60 stitches since the original pattern is man sized but I should have gone up a needle size or something.  I’m terrified they’ll rip in two every time I try to get them over my heel.

The deets:

Pattern: Gentleman’s Socks with Lozenge Pattern from Knitting Vintage Socks

Yarn: Wollmeise 80/20 Twin in Rosenrot

Needles: 2 mm Hiya Hiya

Started: July 4th

Finished: July 29th

I am so done with socks for the time being.  I practically need a walk-in sock closet with all my Japanese novelty socks, hosiery and knits.

I will be back later with finished sock pictures but I just had to be sure that everyone had checked out Twist Collective.  I am in love.  In my opinion it`s picking up Interweave`s slack as of late.







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