It has been either raining or threatening to rain for an entire month.  Anyone in this region knows how depressingly serious I am.  My family left for “home”, Cape Breton, on Friday but I already feel like I’m there.  This type of inclimate weather lends itself to two things: crappy pictures and indoor merrymaking.  I am further propelled to solitary pursuits by everyone I know visiting family, vacationing and attending weekly weddings.  In addition, summer school ended last week.  I could be using all this free, alone time to beef up my performance at my other two jobs but I’ve been playing cast on and catch up instead.

I started the Arctic Diamonds Stole from Interweave Winter 2006.

Apparently I'm obsessed with knitting with impossible to photograph colours.

This is my fourth major project from that most glorious issue for anyone keeping track.

I made Parihka’s Banana Blueberry (non)Vegan Bread.

And I undertook the momentous task of correcting everything I hate about my Seaton.  I’ve only worn poor Seaton once or twice because it was too short and completely unflattering in general. I already reknit the button bands once but it wasn’t enough. I ripped back to the beginning or the armhole shaping and fashioned a v-neck and ripped out the bottom ribbing and added two more stripes.

It remains to be seen how it will all come together because I ran out of yarn for the button band.  I’m trying to beg some from Ravelry.  If that doesn’t work I’ll call up Wool ‘n Things and see if she’s got a ball kicking around.

I did venture out into a literal downpour last week to attend a work dinner where I wore my Swan Lake Stole with yet another birthday gift from Chris, a shawl / hair pin from the amazing Ceeb Wasserman.

So purty.

Chris also turned 28 on Thursday and he deserves so much more than a footnote to a scattered post but I’ll make it up to him this weekend when he visits home!