I sat down to update thinking “I’ve been so busy! This post will be mega-long and picture-packed!” Alas, I opened iPhoto to find not a whole lot. The truth is, most of my busyness stems from non-crafty, non-fun marking and work foolishness and any crafting I have squeezed in has been of the top secret nature.

I can tell you that I’ve collaborated with Robyn on her next round of sock club with a pattern contribution. To be honest, I forget which kit it will be included in but I’m sure Robyn will be along soon in the comments to direct you there.

I was also approached by a fabulous hand-dyer to contribute stitch markers to her nifty sock club. I don’t want to ruin the surprise for subscribers (unless she says I can) but here’s a sneak peek at my work space before shipping.

I also had a short but sweet visit with Erin’s sister Alison today and of course Chris was here last weekend. It was much too short but we tried to spend the time we did have well. Chris had never visited the Bytowne Museum so we spent Sunday afternoon there. It was not as cool as I remember it but any disappointment was forgotten when I we came across a display of children’s costumes in a play area.

I was laughing so hard I couldn’t hold my iPhone still.

Love is...

Love is...

Of course l miss him terribly now but we’re nearing the sight of the finish line so we’re buoyed by that thought. Next week we find out where we’ll be posted at the end of October. Everyone chant with me: BC, BC, BC!!!