Drum roll please………………………………….

Two months from today we are moving to:

We’re pretty disappointed as it was our dead last choice but it’s out of our hands.  We’ll find out next week where exactly we’ll be.   *please not Churchill, please not Churchill*

I’ll have some finished projects to show you next week but in the meantime here’s a half assed book review:

This week I checked The Body Shape Bible out of the library.  I don’t typically watch all those wear what we tell you to shows because I feel physical embarrasment for the middle aged women getting their boobs fondled in the middle of Marks and Spencer.  But, I thought I could handle a little direction in picking out patterns so I gave Trinny and Suzanna’s newest book a go.

With an excessive use of the term “tits” the book describes a dozen or so bodyshapes and gives wardrobe do’s and don’ts for that particular figure.  I fell into the hourglass category and I found that I was doing better than expected at dressing myself. Here’s what I should be wearing.

I always go for V-necks and puffed sleeves, I’ve been wearing more and more skirts and dresses and those shoes are pretty similar to the ones I got from Zappos a few months back.  There were also some revelations, such as the fact that I should be wearing very fitted pencil skirts rather than flared A-line or fuller designs.  Now the only question is where do I get the patterns for the skirt and dress pictured above?

The most surprising section of the book was the last one.  It is entirely devoted to remaking existing clothing in your closet.  It starts out with an intro discouraging people from heading to the mall and shows some vintage and outmoded pieces updated.

So timely and handy for my refashioning pledge!

P.S. Fluevog is having another great sale and I received these last week.  They’re a great price but be aware that they are a full size smaller than marked.