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Before the election hoopla I was actually looking for things to do.  It seems so unbelievable now.  One of my make work projects was a recipe binder for my mom’s birthday this Saturday.  I covered a binder with the too bright Denyse Schmidt fabric I got from ebay a while back (last seen on my ironing board recovering).  Then I filled it with all my sure fire recipes, many of which made their debut right here.

I tried using my Sulky iron-on transfer markers for the writing but it was barely visible so I went over it with a Sharpie.

hooray for organization!

This took just a couple of hours but I think she’ll like it.


Extra! Extra!

I just wanted to pop in and say hello.  Nothing I’ve been working on this week has been particulary photogenic and another very exciting, very scary project (that has nothing to do with me growing another human inside of me) is waiting to be made official so it is top-secret but I will be sure to tell you all when I can.  How’s that for annoying?

I can show you me looking very silly eating a soft pretzel.

Damn you Ingrid and Parikha!

I hope the gods don’t think this means I want to move to Churchill.

Pattern: Arctic Diamonds Stole by Donna Druchunas, Interweave Knits Winter 2006 (best issue ever!)

Yarn: Socks that Rock Lightweight – Lover’s Leap – 2.5ish skeins – hoping to have enough for a pair of socks!

Needle: 3.25 mm Addi Turbos

Start Date: July 29, 2008

Finish Date: September 2, 2008

Finally the colour is correct!

Finally the colour is correct!

Comments:  I should have knit more repeats.  It blocked to about 55 inches, which barely reaches from finger tip to finger tip.  I also realized about half way through that it won’t go with most of my increasingly brightly coloured clothing.  Must sew more grey and black outfits.  I do love the colour though!

Cher Monsieur Eaton, please send me blocking wires

I will probably wear it more as a scarf.

My first ever finished project on this little blog was Seaton but I believe I kept to myself that I didn’t like it much.  It had many elements that harmonized to make an unflattering garment: high neckline, crappy seaming job, horizontal stripes, way too short, floppy button band.  I redid the button band earlier this year but I really should have gone the whole nine yards and tackled all the other problems because I still never wore the thing.

I finally ripped and reknit almost the whole thing a few weeks ago and I’m much, much happier with it.


how I miss Chris and our lovely outdoor photo shoots

how I miss Chris and our lovely outdoor photo shoots

And after:

I added two more stripes to the bottom, decreased for a v-neck (I couldn’t tell you how – careful notes are not how I roll) and reseamed the sleeves.

I do wish I had added more button holes.  Invisible snaps are definitely called for.

I ran out of Denim Jeans pretty quickly so this redo would not have been possible without the generous contribution from Ravelry user bumblebeas of an extra skein from her stash.  We did a little package swap and she also made these pretty sock blockers for me.

In celebration of my one year blogaversary on August 30th I officially kick off Finished Works week!*

First up: Butterick 5206.

I really could not be more pleased with this dress.  It’s the comfiest thing I own, including pajamas, it fits well and is flattering and it gave me only slight headaches.

The sewing matte jersey bias tape onto matte jersey did give me mild convulsions, which is why I didn’t include it on the obi-style belt.  I tried to attach it to the excessively long thing but it looked like crap so I spent three whole hours ripping it out.  It would make the belt pop a bit more but it would also make my major arteries pop in frustration.  Maybe some day when I get a serger I’ll give it another go.

I had read several reviews that said the pattern was on the large side so I cut something like four sizes smaller than I usually would for the top and stuck with my regular size for the skirt.  I also omitted the side zipper which seemed superfluous on a jersey dress.

I can’t tell you what a relief it is to have a successful project after many, many relative bombs.

The fabric is from

I also managed to finally update my shop.  I included a few sewing patterns that The Body Shape Bible told me would be a huge waste of time for my figure.

*Author reserves the right to claim Monday as a recognized national holiday and Friday as TGIF on which posting may not occur

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