My first ever finished project on this little blog was Seaton but I believe I kept to myself that I didn’t like it much.  It had many elements that harmonized to make an unflattering garment: high neckline, crappy seaming job, horizontal stripes, way too short, floppy button band.  I redid the button band earlier this year but I really should have gone the whole nine yards and tackled all the other problems because I still never wore the thing.

I finally ripped and reknit almost the whole thing a few weeks ago and I’m much, much happier with it.


how I miss Chris and our lovely outdoor photo shoots

how I miss Chris and our lovely outdoor photo shoots

And after:

I added two more stripes to the bottom, decreased for a v-neck (I couldn’t tell you how – careful notes are not how I roll) and reseamed the sleeves.

I do wish I had added more button holes.  Invisible snaps are definitely called for.

I ran out of Denim Jeans pretty quickly so this redo would not have been possible without the generous contribution from Ravelry user bumblebeas of an extra skein from her stash.  We did a little package swap and she also made these pretty sock blockers for me.