Now that my two debates are over and all the interviews I had scheduled are done I have a little time to post!

I started this trench before the campaign and worked on it a little here and there when I got a minute.  I think this was actually a blessing because it forced me to slow down and not do a rush job.

Pattern: McCalls 5525 view E

Fabric: Cotton Twill (I think) and satin lining from Darrell Thomas

Buttons: Plastic, also from DT – although I did try to find some vintage ones at the Ottawa Valley Button Club’s button show

Thoughts: I think a trench is a classic wardrobe staple so I’m pleased to finally have one.  It’s great to have something to wear with my growing number of dresses and skirts.  I’m proud of myself for tackling such a big project.  I’ve never made a lined garment before!  I had to redo the collar and pockets but I did redo them.  It’s warm.  I’m worried it may be a bit big.  What do you think?

Here’s the fancy lining:

I’ll get lots of use out of it now that the weather is cooling.  Now I have to make some scarves to go with it!

About a half hour before I left for my first debate on Monday I was winding myself up when a package arrived.  It was from the very kind Ingrid (who in addition to being sweet and talented also has the neatest handwriting – and I’ve worked with hundreds of elementary teachers!).  She had sent me an NDP cookie press to bribe the voters with!

Thanks so much Ing!

I initially refused to do the debates at all but now that they’re done I’m glad I did them.  People who were there were very complimentary of my performance and I feel very accomplished.  There are some commenters on online news forums whom I should not satisfy with my readership who are very unfair in their analysis and sometimes just plain wrong.  But I know I did my very best and made myself proud and that’s all that matters (or at least that’s what I keep telling myself!)

In other news Chris graduates in a just few weeks!  I’ll be flying to Regina on the 24th and then we’ll be driving out to our three bedroom, dirt cheap Force duplex in our 4×4 that I am now in charge of buying.  Stress and I are old pals at this point.