I’ll be spending Thanksgiving with my family at my grandparent’s house in Kitchener as I have almost every year since we moved from California to Ontario when I was six. I love Thanksgiving.  Mostly because I love fall and desserts and mashed potatoes and my grandparents.

I baked two loaves of pumpkin spice bread and I’ll bring one down with a batch of NDP Shortbread Cookies!

I’ve never made pressed cookies before even though I have another cookie stamp I bought years ago.  They were slightly more fiddly but proportionately more fun!

I used the NDP Shortbread Cookie recipe that thoughtfully came with the stamp kindly sent by Ingrid.  I initially thought it a little strange that it called for both lemon and almond extracts but the two flavours really balanced each other well.

It will be “fun” to see what my family has to say about them.  When I told my grandma I was running she said “Jack Layton is a nice man.  It’s just too bad he isn’t running for another party” and my dad asked if I couldn’t have done something “less shameful, like prostitution.”  He was kidding.  But just.

It will be sad to visit knowing I won’t be seeing my grandparents for a while but I’m going to try to enjoy myself and not dwell on the negative.

Happy Thanksgiving my Canadian friends!  Whomever you vote for, don’t forget to vote!!!