I’m not much of an accessories knitter.  I don’t think I’ve knit a scarf since 2005. But in a stash busting effort and with Christmas knitting to complete I think I’ll be busting out some uncharacteristic scarves, cowls and mitts.

Melina contributed to my future scarf stash by generously buying me some Manos when we checked out the new Wabi Sabi yarn shop on Saturday.

I usually stay about as far away from orange as one can but I fell in love with this colour combo.  Thanks again Melina!

As soon as we got home I wound the glorious Swiss Mountain Cashmere and Silk I got in Regina and started designing a cowl.  And started again.  And again.  Finally I admitted I didn’t have the brain power to come up with anything worthy of the yarn and turned to the deftness of others.

I was very shy about taking photos by myself outside so I only got a few shots.  Bear with my weird faces.

I was very shy about taking photos by myself outside so I only got a few shots. Bear with my weird faces.

Pattern: Beech Wood from Ilga Leja

Yarn: Handmaiden Swiss Mountain Silk and Cashmere

Needles: 4.0 mm Addis

Started: October 18

Finished: October 20

I thought this would be a one day project so when it stretched into day two I became obsessed.  I did finish the pattern as written yesterday in the early evening but I still had quite a good amount of yarn left.  I was determined not to waste a scrap so i just kept going.  I probably added another thirty five rounds or so.  It’s big enough to pull over my head in the Manitoba gales.

And I discovered when I was pulling it off that it makes a cute kercheif.

I never was that taken by cowls but I think I’m sold.

One note: I wanted to make sure if fit over my head easily and I remembered that last year when we visited Veronique, Robyn was complaining about the smallness of a neck of a pullover she had made for Sean.  Veronique said she always uses a sewn bind off on anything that needs to go over a head.  I tried using her method but I misread her instructions and screwed up so I ended up using these ones from Knitty.  It took a while longer than my typical leapfrog method but it is nice and loose. I don’t want to ever take it off.