I’m leaving tomorrow morning for Regina and Chris’s graduation!  I still need to:

  • shower
  • get my hair cut
  • pack
  • get car insurance (we bought a car by-the-by)
  • empty the dishwasher
  • fill the dishwasher
  • take the air conditioner out of the window
  • call for help when I get pinned under the air conditioner
  • watch my programs (The Office, SNL Special, Earl)

And yet here I am procrastinating serving my public.

I have a confession: I always thought fingerless gloves were stupid.  In my line of thinking, if your hands are cold aren’t your fingers the coldest part of that deal?  With a future of driving rather than bus stop waiting, however, I began to see how the need to grip something and not lose your appendages may be desirable. So I started these:

Mermaid Fingerless Gloves - Paca Peds in Fireside

This is two days worth of obsessive work.  Unfortunately with all that crazy knitting I failed to look at or feel them and therefore failed to realize that they both looked like and felt like crap. At ten-thirty last night I made the never fun decision to frog them and start again in Fleece Artist Somoko.  Unfortunately, Fleece Artist hates me.  I gently placed the hank on my swift and attached it to my winder but it saw around my clever tools.

This is after three hours of untangling.  Better add that to the to-do list.