We’re back from the true windy city – Regina – following a whirlwind graduation weekend.  Here’s Chris all dressed up in his uniform:

Oops, wrong photo.

We returned to the winter city for a few short days:

The movers are working around us as I type but I made sure to hand pack my precious cargo.

I considered bringing it with us in our new car (photos forthcoming) but it scares me to think of leaving it in a lonely parking garage in Sault Ste. Marie as we sleep.

I now bring you an important bulletin:


One hand made sock.

Location: Corner of Maclaren and O’Connor in Ottawa at 9:30 a.m. Thursday, October 30th.

Please claim ASAP as I will be moving tomorrow.

My dear Ottawa readers, please pass on the word and distribute this picture as you see fit.  I can’t bear the thought of a sock knitter crying him or herself to sleep after so much lost effort.