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My name is Bowie Bindle Jesus Jareth Cutestory.

I found this little guy outside of the post office yesterday.  He started following me to my car and I was worried about him getting hit in the busy parking lot so I took him home.

He seems to be a German Shepherd, perhaps with some Rottweiler mixed in, and around four to six months old.  After consulting with Chris’s mom who works for ARF, it seems he hasn’t been treated so well.  He’s very skinny and scarfs his food down like I’ve never seen and he has a few cuts.

The funny thing is Chris really wanted a dog for Christmas, preferably a Boston or Welsh Terrier.  I had demurred because pure bread dogs are very expensive and though I was a dog lover as a kid I’ve had some negative experiences in the recent past with some crazed Labs that have left me a little sour.

Bowies first walk

Bowie's first walk

Bowie seems to have squished his way into my cold little heart, however.  He’s sweet as pie.  He almost never barks or chews things and he hasn’t had one accident in the house yet.  Last night we put him in the laundry room to sleep and he whined for a bit then settled right down.  You know that expression “to follow one around like a lost puppy?”  Turns out it’s pretty apt.  He could be fast asleep and if we so much get up to get a tissue he’s trotting along behind us.

Unless some very resonsible owner with a damned good excuse as to why he was wandering around in a busy parking lot without a collar in November comes forward he is ours.


Apparently scarves aren’t the endless projects I remember them being from my early knitting days.

Project: Holding Hands, Feeding Ducks by beforesunrise

Yarn: 2 skeins Manos Del Uruguay 100% Wool Colour 100 (thanks again Melina!)

Start Date: November 17, 2008

Finish Date: November 23, 2008

This mother is long.  It measures out to ninety inches total.  Here it is wrapped around my neck twice:

If I were to make it again I think I would add an extra repeat or two because it was thinner than I pictured.

I bit the bullet and looked into how to darn socks.  I used this tutorial and a lemon because I didn’t have a mushroom.

We’ll see how they hold up.

And go make this pie:

I wouldn’t say that it tastes like cheesecake at all, which is fine by me because I’m not a big cheesecake fan but it’s absolutely delicious.  I didn’t add the lemon zest and I do think it would be a little weird with it.  Chris missed thanksgiving completely so we’re making up for it.  And I have plently of time on my hands to bake elaborate desserts.  And take pictures of the sunset twenty minutes after I roll out of bed.

I could now probably knit the Pomotamus pattern in my sleep.

Standing outside in a t-shirt. My neighbours think I'm real normal.

Pattern: Mermaid Fingerless Gloves (beware: really more of an idea than a pattern)

Yarn: Fleece Artist Somoko from Effiloche in Montreal (fun fact: Kate Gilbert rubbed it all over her neck when I showed it to her to see if the mohair content was itchy)

Started: October 23, 2008

Finished: November 14, 2008

I used the instructions for glove fingers from The Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns with great success.

I’m pretty crazy about these already.  A strange fact about me is that I hate certain things rubbing together; socks, towels and woolly fingers.  Chris is quite aware that he is not allowed to hold my hand if we’re both wearing gloves.  So, the process of yanking one glove off when you’re wearing another always made me cringe.  I don’t have that problem with these.  I know, I’m weird.

I powered through the second glove because I was super concerned about finishing my sister’s Christmas gloves in time. Because obviously it takes me a month and a half to knit a pair of bulky mittens.

The infamous snow mitten shot

The infamous snow mitten shot

Pattern: Basic Mittens from The Knitters Handy Book of Patterns (totally inspired by Ingrid’s very similar mittens) with a twisted rib cuff.  Gotta love that twisted rib.

Yarn: 100% Wool by Manos del Uruguay in Blossom from Golden Willow Fibres in Regina.

Started: November 15th 2008

Finished: November 15th, 2008

And now I need to start something else RIGHT NOW because man am I bored.  Does anyone else who’s ever lived in the middle of nowhere have any tips for not going crazy Shining style?  Yesterday I actually excitedly went outside and shovelled because I hadn’t left the house in three days. Today going to the bank is a great thrill. I’m serious here, I need all the help I can get.

When we have decorating supplies it will help, I’m sure.  Inspiration picture # 2.

Affordable, reversable rug for the living room.

Affordable, reversable rug for the living room.

  • Good news!  The sock has been reunited with it’s owner.  Linda in Ottawa is again in possession of a set.  The saga was even included in Ravelry’s Forum Funnies this week.
  • Bad news! I have my first sock hole! It was inevitable really as these were the socks I grafted to within an inch of their life when the yarn was cut into a million pieces.  I guess I’ll be doing some darning research.
  • The new Twist Collective is out and it’s brilliant.  There’s hardly a piece I wouldn’t make.
  • The Interweave Winter preview is also out.  Whatevs.
  • I think it’s time for a custom header on this here blog.  Only problem is I haven’t a clue as to how to do it.  Any suggestions are much appreciated.  Please keep in mind I don’t, unfortunately, have Photoshop.
  • I’ve been cooking up a storm since there’s little else to do around these parts.  The showstoper recipe of the week is these Cottage Cheese Pancakes.  Oh my.  So good.
  • I’ve been spending my evenings while Chris is working with all the lights on and brainstorming design ideas with a healthy dose of help from the Domino Magazine website.  I’ll try to spread out the inspiration pictures I’ve been accumulating but here’s a good’un.
    Courtest domino magazine.

    Courtesy domino magazine.

    This is both the colour I want to paint the living room and the treatment I want to use for the headboard.  I can’t wait to get started!

I am very pleased to say that my Basic Cabled Mitten pattern has been updated to deal with some asymmetry problems and I added some other elements to help beginner knitters a bit.  A big thanks to everyone who made suggestions, especially Julie for her detailed notes.

Now I’m off to make some spinach paneer and naan for dinner!

Ive got my cheese sac and Im ready to go.

I've got my cheese sac and I'm ready to go.

The unpacking is finally almost done and now I can start to focus on the million of things I need to buy to fill the house up.  The floors are freezing and ugly so I am desperate to buy this and this. Then it’s just a sofa bed for the guest bedroom, love seat for the living room, bedside tables, sewing table, sewing chair, dining room chairs, shelves and we’ll be set.  I guess a new sewing machine and Digital SLR will have to wait.  I also need a snow shovel because look at this nonsense:

It’s still snowing.  Good thing the car is four wheel drive.  It’s most important feature is this, though:

I’ve had the magnet for over a year waiting for a vehicle to stick it on.

The view above is pretty much what we saw from our window in Ottawa.  Now we see this:

It’s a bit of an adjustment.  To be perfectly honest I get a little freaked out at night without hearing drunk jocks sexually harrasing their schoolmates or garbage trucks rumbling around.

I finally did a little work on my fingerless gloves last night realizing their dire necessity,

I’m happier with these although I have to say that on my fourth go-round with the Pomotamus pattern I’ve learned it’s a fickle thing.  Too much varigation and you lose the pattern entirely, too solid and it’s a bit dull.  I think Dream and Colour Smooshy might be a best bet.

So much has happened in the last week and I have so much to tell you!  I’ll try to be as concise as possible.

Friday night my parents hosted a welcome home Chris / goodbye / Halloween party.  Saturday we hit the road in our new car.  The photo of the car is on my cell phone and the USB cord is in a box somewhere so that will have to wait. Saturday night we stayed in Sault Ste. Marie in the first of what would turn out to be a succession of skeezy hotels. Sunday night it was Thunder Bay and Monday and Tuesday night we stayed in Winnipeg.

Winnipeg is a strange city.  On the surface it’s pretty run down and shabby but there are some really cool things to do.  Monday night we ate at an all vegan Chinese restaurant.  I slowly started to realize that Ottawa kind of sucks.  Tuesday we went to Ram Wool.  Oh my god.  So much yarn.  I bought eight skeins of Louet Gems Sport in Willow to make the Katherine Hepburn Cardigan.

Just to forewarn you all the the photos will be this crappy. Cut me some slack.

The we visited Mitchell Fabrics.

They had Amy Butler fabric!  I didn’t buy anything just yet though.

We then visited some really great natural food stores and had lunch at the awesome socialist, cooperative, all-vegan Mondragon cafe.

Their Southern Fried Tofu is AMAZING.

Later, we went to the Dandelion Eatery which was apparently named one of the top ten new restaurants in Canada.  I’m not quite sure why.  The service was very good and the food was o.k. but it was super expensive for nothing to write home about.

Yesterday morning we headed to our new home.  Well, sort of.  The secretary at the detachment gave the mover the wrong house number and he had already started unpacking so we had to repack and move and reunpack everything.  Blurgh.

The reserve is very spread out and sparse.  There’s not much of anything in the way of businesses or services here.  Our house is pretty great though!  The rent is half of what our old place was for three times the space.  It was just built last year and no one has ever lived here before.  Here is a crappy photo tour.

When you walk in the front door there’s a little entryway and to the left is our living / dining area:

Chris drinking a beer after a very long day.

Another view.

Another view.

To the right there you can see the princely (to our standards) kitchen:

Then there’s a very long hall.  First thing to the left there’s an unexciting storage room, then to the right a (OMG!) laundry room with a door to a side step / mini deck, and next to the right a guest room with absolutely nothing in it.  Then on the left a bathroom that is huge to us. There are some unexciting pictures of all these rooms on my Flickr page.  Then there’s our room:

And the best room (or at least it will be when I get a sewing table and chair) my studio!

None of it looks like much right now but I’m hoping to get some paint and furniture and make it the home it should be for the next three to four years.

Congrats on making it this far, I hope it wasn’t too boring for you all!  I’ll post pics of the outside of the house and the car soon and hopefully I’ll also get some crafting up and running again.