So much has happened in the last week and I have so much to tell you!  I’ll try to be as concise as possible.

Friday night my parents hosted a welcome home Chris / goodbye / Halloween party.  Saturday we hit the road in our new car.  The photo of the car is on my cell phone and the USB cord is in a box somewhere so that will have to wait. Saturday night we stayed in Sault Ste. Marie in the first of what would turn out to be a succession of skeezy hotels. Sunday night it was Thunder Bay and Monday and Tuesday night we stayed in Winnipeg.

Winnipeg is a strange city.  On the surface it’s pretty run down and shabby but there are some really cool things to do.  Monday night we ate at an all vegan Chinese restaurant.  I slowly started to realize that Ottawa kind of sucks.  Tuesday we went to Ram Wool.  Oh my god.  So much yarn.  I bought eight skeins of Louet Gems Sport in Willow to make the Katherine Hepburn Cardigan.

Just to forewarn you all the the photos will be this crappy. Cut me some slack.

The we visited Mitchell Fabrics.

They had Amy Butler fabric!  I didn’t buy anything just yet though.

We then visited some really great natural food stores and had lunch at the awesome socialist, cooperative, all-vegan Mondragon cafe.

Their Southern Fried Tofu is AMAZING.

Later, we went to the Dandelion Eatery which was apparently named one of the top ten new restaurants in Canada.  I’m not quite sure why.  The service was very good and the food was o.k. but it was super expensive for nothing to write home about.

Yesterday morning we headed to our new home.  Well, sort of.  The secretary at the detachment gave the mover the wrong house number and he had already started unpacking so we had to repack and move and reunpack everything.  Blurgh.

The reserve is very spread out and sparse.  There’s not much of anything in the way of businesses or services here.  Our house is pretty great though!  The rent is half of what our old place was for three times the space.  It was just built last year and no one has ever lived here before.  Here is a crappy photo tour.

When you walk in the front door there’s a little entryway and to the left is our living / dining area:

Chris drinking a beer after a very long day.

Another view.

Another view.

To the right there you can see the princely (to our standards) kitchen:

Then there’s a very long hall.  First thing to the left there’s an unexciting storage room, then to the right a (OMG!) laundry room with a door to a side step / mini deck, and next to the right a guest room with absolutely nothing in it.  Then on the left a bathroom that is huge to us. There are some unexciting pictures of all these rooms on my Flickr page.  Then there’s our room:

And the best room (or at least it will be when I get a sewing table and chair) my studio!

None of it looks like much right now but I’m hoping to get some paint and furniture and make it the home it should be for the next three to four years.

Congrats on making it this far, I hope it wasn’t too boring for you all!  I’ll post pics of the outside of the house and the car soon and hopefully I’ll also get some crafting up and running again.