The unpacking is finally almost done and now I can start to focus on the million of things I need to buy to fill the house up.  The floors are freezing and ugly so I am desperate to buy this and this. Then it’s just a sofa bed for the guest bedroom, love seat for the living room, bedside tables, sewing table, sewing chair, dining room chairs, shelves and we’ll be set.  I guess a new sewing machine and Digital SLR will have to wait.  I also need a snow shovel because look at this nonsense:

It’s still snowing.  Good thing the car is four wheel drive.  It’s most important feature is this, though:

I’ve had the magnet for over a year waiting for a vehicle to stick it on.

The view above is pretty much what we saw from our window in Ottawa.  Now we see this:

It’s a bit of an adjustment.  To be perfectly honest I get a little freaked out at night without hearing drunk jocks sexually harrasing their schoolmates or garbage trucks rumbling around.

I finally did a little work on my fingerless gloves last night realizing their dire necessity,

I’m happier with these although I have to say that on my fourth go-round with the Pomotamus pattern I’ve learned it’s a fickle thing.  Too much varigation and you lose the pattern entirely, too solid and it’s a bit dull.  I think Dream and Colour Smooshy might be a best bet.