• Good news!  The sock has been reunited with it’s owner.  Linda in Ottawa is again in possession of a set.  The saga was even included in Ravelry’s Forum Funnies this week.
  • Bad news! I have my first sock hole! It was inevitable really as these were the socks I grafted to within an inch of their life when the yarn was cut into a million pieces.  I guess I’ll be doing some darning research.
  • The new Twist Collective is out and it’s brilliant.  There’s hardly a piece I wouldn’t make.
  • The Interweave Winter preview is also out.  Whatevs.
  • I think it’s time for a custom header on this here blog.  Only problem is I haven’t a clue as to how to do it.  Any suggestions are much appreciated.  Please keep in mind I don’t, unfortunately, have Photoshop.
  • I’ve been cooking up a storm since there’s little else to do around these parts.  The showstoper recipe of the week is these Cottage Cheese Pancakes.  Oh my.  So good.
  • I’ve been spending my evenings while Chris is working with all the lights on and brainstorming design ideas with a healthy dose of help from the Domino Magazine website.  I’ll try to spread out the inspiration pictures I’ve been accumulating but here’s a good’un.
    Courtest domino magazine.

    Courtesy domino magazine.

    This is both the colour I want to paint the living room and the treatment I want to use for the headboard.  I can’t wait to get started!