My name is Bowie Bindle Jesus Jareth Cutestory.

I found this little guy outside of the post office yesterday.  He started following me to my car and I was worried about him getting hit in the busy parking lot so I took him home.

He seems to be a German Shepherd, perhaps with some Rottweiler mixed in, and around four to six months old.  After consulting with Chris’s mom who works for ARF, it seems he hasn’t been treated so well.  He’s very skinny and scarfs his food down like I’ve never seen and he has a few cuts.

The funny thing is Chris really wanted a dog for Christmas, preferably a Boston or Welsh Terrier.  I had demurred because pure bread dogs are very expensive and though I was a dog lover as a kid I’ve had some negative experiences in the recent past with some crazed Labs that have left me a little sour.

Bowies first walk

Bowie's first walk

Bowie seems to have squished his way into my cold little heart, however.  He’s sweet as pie.  He almost never barks or chews things and he hasn’t had one accident in the house yet.  Last night we put him in the laundry room to sleep and he whined for a bit then settled right down.  You know that expression “to follow one around like a lost puppy?”  Turns out it’s pretty apt.  He could be fast asleep and if we so much get up to get a tissue he’s trotting along behind us.

Unless some very resonsible owner with a damned good excuse as to why he was wandering around in a busy parking lot without a collar in November comes forward he is ours.