I doubt anyone remembers but waaay back in January I designed some socks and never showed them to anyone pending publication.  Until now!

These are the Boogaloo Socks in Scout’s Handpainted Swag in Zuluknitty.

It’s available through Robyn’s Nest November Sock Club and I think later you can buy the pattern separately (maybe? I forget.  Help me out Robyn).

It’s a simple pattern that looks great with handpainted yarn.  Good times!

I’m still cooking and baking up a storm despite my grandma’s warning to get another hobby before I gain a hundred pounds.

Some highlights were homemade whole wheat crackers from the Alabama Stich Book and this amazing (yet labour intensive) Winter Spice Cake with Caramel Apple Topping.

This was tasty and yet what I was really in the mood for was an intensely spicy, dark apple cake, perhaps with some molasses in it.  Does anyone have a recipe they could share?

I also made a big batch of perogies on Saturday.

These are pretty much the definition of labour intensive but they’re so much better than the frozen ones you get at the grocery store so it’s totally worth it.

Bowie was apparently putting on a docile act those first couple of days to make us fall in love with him and yesterday he showed his piss and vinegar side, barking and nipping at me to try to get me to puppy wrastle with him.  He redeemed himself, however, by learning how to sit almost immediately and by being excellent in his first bath this morning.

A squirming puppy isn’t them most photogenic but he just layed down in the water and took a little drink.  What a doll.