I wracked my brain about what to do with my drama-rama Malabrigo. The ubiquitous February Lady Sweater is a good match being worsted and semi-solid but I immediately thought it would look horrible on me. I was so pleased with the square neckline modification from my Rusted Root that I was confident in giving it a go here. No dice. The neckline started mid-arm and my bra was completely exposed. As much as Chris may have liked this look I gave myself a break and decided to cast on for the sweater as written.

We’ll see how she turns out.

You can also see some lovely items from BFF Erin on the table. I may have bitten off a little more than I can chew in initiating three swaps at the same time right before Christmas, after our car was driven nose first into a ditch (I won’t point fingers but we’ll just say it wasn’t me), before having a workspace and while training a puppy – but I love sending a receiving things!

Speaking of puppy wrangling, here’s Bowie showing off some commands. {Sidebar: I apologize to any of you who are totally bored of the puppy talk. I promise to stop when he stops being so darned cute}

Bowie Learning Commands

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