This weekend was a festive blur. I shopped, baked, sewed, felted, fulled, cooked and passed out at ten o’clock.

It’s killing me but of course I can’t show you some of the output but I do have some projects to share!

On Saturday we drove to the middle of nowhere and walked out to the woods searching for a Christmas tree. Apparently the trees here grow very tall and very thin. At least the trunks can be snipped with nail clippers.



It doesn’t look so bad all made up.

The ugly blinds will soon be covered by homemade curtains.  Thank the lord!

The ugly blinds will soon be covered by homemade curtains. Thank the lord!

I also refinished an old, ugly media shelf for use in my craft room.  Of course I forgot to take a before photo but pictures it: oak melamine with black plastic CD inserts.

Framed paper cut by Erin!

Framed paper cut by Erin!

I spray painted it with Krylon in Buttercream and finished it with acrylic spray sealant.  The paper backing is washi from Japan mod podged on and also sealed.

It’s the same spray paint I used for my little notions shelf.  I think it will look great when I paint the room.

Aaaand I baked another pie.

This is the Sour Cream Apple pie from the brilliant Alicia Paulson.  It was tasty although I still think I prefer the recipe from The New Vegitarian Epicure (question: does anyone know the rules for sharing recipes from books?  It seems like it would be covered by copywrite but others also seem to do it all the time).  I ran out of butter so I made a shortening crust.  I think I agree with The Smitten Kitchen in that butter is better – pretty much always.  For those of you who, like me, avoided pie making do check out her posts on pie crusts.  How was I not aware of her blog until recently?  That’s sinful.

I’m supply teaching in another town tomorrow, which may have surpassed getting needles as my least favourite thing to do.  Wish me luck!