• Ingrid and I did a little Christmas swap and she sent all kind of fun handmade goodies from my home province, including this beautiful bird ornament: The pattern is from Martha Stewart and I kept planning on making them but lo and behold Christmas is almost here and I still don’t have any Martha glitter.  Ingrid to the rescue!
  • It is, and has been for the last four day, minus 45 degrees celsius with the wind chill here.  When I read about cities in the northwest shutting down for a few snow flurries I laugh.  And then I cry a little.
  • You must try these apple pancakes. But do add a little cinnamon and vanilla.  They taste like apple fritter without all the grease.
  • Likewise, do try this Mexican hot chocolate.  So good.
  • I made Martha’s Mac and Cheese for Chris’s work party Sunday and it was delish.  I wouldn’t think that mac and cheese should be such a gamble but I’ve had such a hard time finding a recipe that is flavourful and creamy without Velveeta. This is a keeper.
  • Melina kindly sent me this Lush Cynthia Sylvia Stout shampoo to help me deal with our crazy hard water situation.  This stuff is amazing.  I don’t even need to condition.  AND it has two kind of liquor in it.  Can’t go wrong.
  • I’ve decided that even though it will be a quiet Christmas for us I’m going all out in the food department.  Christmas Eve will be various cheesy hors d’oeuvres throughout the day and then on Christmas day we’ll have our favourite nut roast, probably mashed potatoes, I’m going to try this cauliflower gratin, these squash tarts and these rolls. I’m not sure what to make for dessert.  We’ve had our share of pies around here lately so I’m thinking maybe a spicey cake, but I’m thinking that might be too heavy.  Suggest away!