I hope everyone who celebrates had a great Christmas.  Ours was very quite and to be honest not very Christmasy feeling but that’s quite a privileged complaint, really.

This year, being in a place where there are no stores that one would want to receive a gift from and seeing as how we just moved cross country and bought a car, I decided to make most of my gifts.  I really enjoyed trying out some new skills and seeing how things developed.

I thought about knitting stockings for my immediate family because they’ve never really had nice ones but it got down to the wire and I couldn’t find a pattern I liked so when I saw Alicia Paulson’s brilliant sweater stockings I decided to give them a try.  Apparently for everyone I’ve ever met.

The stocking were hung from the studio wall with care

These are, I think (from left to right) my sister’s, Melina’s, a secret santa gift, Chris’s cousin Conrad’s, Chris W. (Melina’s husband), Robyn R’s, Mom’s, Ingrid’s, my brother’s, my dad’s and Braden’s.

The colour is off quite a bit here.  This one’s a bit better:

The stockings were hung from the studio wall with care.

The stockings were hung from the studio wall with care.

I hope everyone who received one liked it.  There are a few more close-ups on the old Flickr page.

More to come my friends!