The call that I wanted Stitched in Time for Christmas was heard loud and clear.  I received a copy from Chris and another from Erin.  No worries because Amazon has a generous return policy.

I’ve been wanting to make a recipe book for our favourite recipes like the one I made my mom and when I saw the instructions in the book for a recipe book cover  I knew it would be much neater than my winged version.

Designs traced by taping fabric and print to window

This took me the weekend and the sewing was nothing compared to the embroidery time.  I finally took the time to learn to backstitch properly and I’m so proud of the outcome.

Ive since fixed the slouchy top

I've since fixed the slouchy top

The outside is muslin.  The embroidery patterns are from this cute Japanese embroidery book.  Lace is from my stash, I think originally from Fabricland.

The lining

The lining

The blue fabric is a fat quarter Erin mailed me from Japan when she was still there.  The red fabric is some lovely stuff I bought in Japan almost three years ago today.  I kind of regret using it because you can’t see it at all once you put the binder in.



After all that effort I spent much of Sunday afternoon going through my three recipe binders and tossing recipes I had never tried and adding extra special ones to this extra special book.  One that will definitely make the cut is this one for fabulous Roast Potatoes.

Unimpressive Leftovers Shot.  You have to trust me.

Unimpressive Leftovers Shot. You have to trust me.

Roast Potatoes

This is a vegetarianized hybrid of a Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson recipe.

1 potato per person plus a couple extra for good measure

A few tablespoons Semolina

3/4 cup butter

Fresh Rosemary

1 bulb garlic



Heat over to 450 degrees.  Put roasting pan in hot oven to preheat.  Meanwhile, slice potatoes into thirds by cutting the ends away at an angle and leaving a triangular centre piece (this is a Nigella trick to mazimize surface area).  Parboil potatoes until the ouside is just soft.    Drain potatoes and dredge with Semolina. Remove roasting pan from oven and add butter.  Return to oven just until butter is melted. Add potatoes, a few sprigs of rosemary with stalks removed and all cloves of garlic, whole.  Roast for approximately one hour or until cripsy and brown, shaking from time to time.  Season with salt and pepper.  Serve with roasted garlic to squeeze onto hot potatoes.