2008 was quite a momentous year.



Looking at this little mosaic almost makes me dizzy, and it’s really only a small sampling of the goings on.

I have grand plans for ’09, both personal and craftual.  I never thought of myself as a New Year’s resolution person but with knitting and sewing it really has focused me.  First, let’s revisit the ’08 resolutions, shall we?

  • Sewing lots more of my own clothes and avoiding the mall as much as possible. – I think I did well with this one, even participating in Wardrobe Refashion.  The downside is I’m down to one wearable pair of pants
  • Learning more about sewing techniques and fabrics. – I tried but this will be ongoing.
  • Being more laid back about my crafting and not being my own task master. I have to remember to enjoy myself and what I loved about knitting to begin with (being creative, connecting with tradition). – This I continue to struggle with
  • Being less critical of myself and celebrating my talents. – Always a battle
  • Stash management. Not a yarn diet, just being a little less crazed with the credit card and the internets. -Better than 2007 but this will carry forward with a vengeance into ’09
  • Take my time with projects and make sure to add length! – Needs improvement

Many of these will carry forth in the new year in some form or other.

The commandments of ’09:

  • Blast the stash.  Yarn and fabric buying will be a reward for good behaviour (i.e. paying off debt) or will be requested as gifts.  I need to work with and rework what I have, including the old clothes quilt I started four (!) year ago.  If I buy yarn or fabric I want it to be because I’m inspired not because it’s 30% off.
  • KISS.  Hand painted and variegated sock yarns have their place but I need to amass more solids and semi-solids to have more pattern options.
  • Think outside the crayon box.  I always, ALWAYS choose cool colours (not as in hip but as in “what season are you?”) and I need to branch out to more neutrals and earth tones.  Maybe even orange *shutters*
  • Be thankful.  I’m pretty lucky to have a working sewing machine, camera, dozens of craft books and many other accouterments.  I’m going to try not to be jealous every time a fellow blogger gets a new fancy toy and be happy with what I have. The materialism that seems to have risen with the rise of craft is a peeve of mine and yet I fall into it myself.
  • Lay off myself.  I have completely reworked my Ravelry queue to include only two items.  Everything else has gone into favourites.  It started to feel like a task list to be checked off.  I want to knit more on a whim and design from inspiration rather than feeling married to the list.
  • Take my time and enjoy.  It’s a hobby not a race.  If there’s a technique a pattern calls for or an extra little touch I could add I need to get off my arse and pick up a book rather than ignoring it and pushing through for expediancy.
  • Take millions of pictures of my finished garments.  I tend to take four or five and trust that one of them is good.  It never is.

I hope 2009 will be the year of living well for all of us.  I’m going to work at health and happiness and I wish it for all of you too!