Sometimes Bowie and I go walking in the fields around here and I end up up to my hips in snow.  I started thinking that legwarmers might be nice but I couldn’t imagine knitting a pair, remembering how their place in fashion was assaulted in the eighties.  Then Jessica came along with a brilliant solution.  I went to my big bag of sweater scraps from the giant stocking project, praying that I hadn’t cut into the sleeves of the grey cashmere sweater I used for my stocking.

Cozy shins

Cozy shins

I embroidered a blanket stitch edge and some gimpy flowers / snow flakes and voila!

I’ve been thinking for ages that I could get a pair of socks out of the STR lightweight in Lover’s Leap I had leftover from my Arctic Diamond Stole.  But when I finally pulled it out of it’s cubby I thought I better try some ankle socks instead. Being valentines’ day I knew which pattern I would choose.

Just darling

Just darling - and still impossible to photograph

But now I’m almost half way through my first Sweetheart Sock and I’m thinking I won’t have enough for anklettes either, thus sapping any motivation to work on them.  Any betting folk out there?  What do we think?

I’ve got dough for these settling in the fridge in wait for a very small housewarming party tonight.  I can’t wait to dip them in chocolate and gobble them up in all their toasted coconutty glory.