Its finished!

It's finished!

I have to admit, after the zealousness of the last post I kind of lost my mojo.  Squares seventy-two to ninety were tedious.  And once I learned what was involved in finishing I lost all interest.  But I forged through!

Sleepers-eye view.

Sleepers-eye view (love this book by the way - last in the series!)

I think my favourite part is that it only cost the price of the batting – twenty five dollars.  The backing is a sheet from Ikea that we bought years ago from a bargain bin.  I loved that set so much  – it was so soft and cool – but the fitted sheet got a hole and we had to throw it out.  I insisted on keeping the flat one and now I’m so glad I did!  The batting is cotton-bamboo from Mitchell Fabrics (I drove to Winnipeg by myself Saturday to get it!).  It is so very soft and cozy I would have happily used it as a blanket.

Zigzag edge

Zigzag edge

I had always planned on tying the quilt with this leftover Cascade 220 and I had also planned on binding it until I saw this post on The Purl Bee.  To be honest I found some of the steps in this “easy” quilt super difficult.  I couldn’t figure out why you cut the binding and the muslin twice or why all of the tying and pinning and trimming were done on the floor. After a short while my body was aching and I was nauseous from all that crouching and crawling.  Is quilting supposed to me that physically demanding?  I ended up pinning the edging on the floor then sticking a few safety pins in it and doing the tying on my lap –  much more comfortable.



I also ran into trouble because my top was totally asymmetrical.  The squares I had worked on in early ’05 were larger than the ones I finished in the last few weeks so the top was much wider than the bottom.  I just trimmed the sheet to two inches wider than the top all around and now you can barely tell.

Also: man big quilts are hard to photograph!  I failed to clean our whole bedroom and had to crop out almost everything.  Plus Bowie kept following me around whimpering until I took his photo.  Seriously.

Look how he poses and everything!  Such a ham.

Look how he poses and everything! Such a ham.

Anyway, I would really love to hear more about your quilting process because the floor work really did turn me off a bit.  Or if you don’t quilt tell me how cute my dog is.  Whatevs.